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Casarecce alla Ligure - Pasta with Potatoes & Beans

A filling vegetarian dish. Simple to make - adding pesto from another foodopolis recipe - and a cheap meal.

Serves 5-7

Costs £3.50

£2.10 with cheaper pasta

This is a really tasty and simple dish. A one-pot-wonder, and it takes as long to make as it takes to cook the pasta



500g casarecce pasta - £1.65 (bargain pasta is around 80p)

300g potatoes - 30p (about 60p/Kg)

220g green beans - 77p



Watch the video


  • Boil some well-salted water in a pan

  • Top and tail the beans

  • Slice them into thirds

  • Cut the potatoes into 1-2cm chunks

  • I leave the skin on - loads of vitamins and we're not wasting food!

  • Add the pasta to the pot - you don't cook pasta at 100ºC

  • After about 3 minutes, add the potatoes

  • Stir them through

  • After another 4 minutes add the green beans and stir through

  • Cook for another 5 minutes or so (depending on the pasta you're using)

  • Add a little of the pasta water to the pesto to loosen it up

  • Drain the pasta

  • Add the pesto (half the amount you made - or half a jar)

  • Stir it all through

  • Boom - as they say.

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