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Sage & Walnut Pesto - a Foodopolis Short

A quick and simple way to make a pesto that adds taste, depth and richness to any dish.

Costs £1.20* - £2.20 if you use shop-bought basil

The cost of walnuts, cheese and other things where you're not using an entire bag, block, bulb, etc. The initial purchase of things like olive oil, etc will cost more, but I'm dealing with how much an actual recipe costs.

If you grow sage and have a good bush (...) it's a great way of using up sage leaves before winter. If not, substitute basil for sage, and pine nuts for walnuts to make a classic pesto di Liguria. But you can experiment by substituting any leaves or nuts; different cheeses too.



sage leaves

olive oil


parmesan or pecorino cheese


lime juice


Watch the video


  • Peel the garlic

  • Grate the cheese

  • Put everything in a jug

  • Blitz it

  • Blitz it till you can't blitz it no more

  • Add a bit more oil if it's too pasty

  • Make it to the consistency you want

  • Put it in a sterilised jar

  • Top it with oil

  • Store it in the fridge for a couple of weeks

  • Don't cook it : just add it to the pasta/potatoes/toast/whatever when they're piping hot

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