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Pappardelle Piccanti

Fresh pappardelle with pancetta, chillies and mushrooms all brought together with white wine and a carrot pesto

The music is from the album North Blue on Apple or Spotify

Fresh pasta will cook in about 4 minutes. Pappardelle are wide and a little rough, so what they do really well is hold a sauce. The carrot pesto is an easy make, and something I wanted to try out as I had a glut of carrots. You don't usually cook out pesto, but this ain't a traditional pesto - it's just a pesto 'cause it was blitzed/battered into being, which is basically what "pesto" means.

So there.









Pecorino cheese (or Parmesan if that's what you've got)

olive oil


pancetta (I used smoked, which worked very nicely, thank you very much)

a chilli



black pepper

white wine

pappardelle - or whichever pasta you fancy


Watch the video



  • Trim the carrots

  • Sprinkle them with oil, salt and some chilli flakes - even a little ground coriander

  • Pop them in the oven at 180ºC for 1 hour

  • When they're cooled, drop them in a jug with the basil, garlic, nuts and lemon juice

  • Blitz them up

  • Add the Pecorino and a really good glug (8-10 seconds) of olive oil

  • Blitz it up

  • Any you don't use, pop in a sterilised jar and cover with oil. It'll keep for about a week in the fridge


  • Trim and deseed the chilli

  • Chop it up finely

  • Slice the mushrooms to about the same size as the pancetta you're using

  • Heat a pan with a little olive oil

  • Add the pancetta

  • Add the chillies and stir it about

  • Cook that for about 10-15 minutes

  • Add the mushrooms, nutmeg and pepper, stir it around and add a glass of white wine

  • Reduce that for about 15 minutes then add the pesto: a good dollop of it

  • Meanwhile...

  • Boil a pan of salted water and drop in the pappardelle

  • 4 minutes later...

  • Add a couple of ladles of the pasta water to the sauce

  • Drop in the pasta with tongs to keep some liquid

  • Stir it through

  • Serve up with grated Parmesan or toasted chopped hazelnuts

The music is from the album North Blue on Apple or Spotify

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