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Trofie Boscaiola - Pasta with Pancetta & Wild Mushrooms

Creamy and fresh, quick to make, tasty as as a tasty thing.

Wild mushrooms and pancetta - or wild boar. Use any mushrooms you can get your hands on. A bit of white wine and some herbs. Trofie are excellent pasta for this: small, they hold the sauce and they maintain an al dente bite that just makes it all so much the tastier!



pancetta - you can use guanciale if you have it, or bacon, or lardons. Something porky with a bit of fat on it

wild mushrooms - or just bog standard mushrooms. Wild are better - if you're picking your own; please make sure you know what you're doing!!



dried sage

white wine


olive oil


2 eggs


pecorino (or parmesan)

trofie pasta - or whatever you fancy


Watch the video


  • Top, tail and de-seed the chilli. The more seeds you leave in, the hotter the chilli

  • Finely chop the chilli

  • Finely chop the garlic

  • Roughly slice the mushrooms

  • Heat oil in a pan and add the pancetta

  • When it's coloured, add the mushrooms, garlic and chilli

  • Stir them around and add a good lump of butter

  • Stir all that and let the butter melt into the mix

  • Add dried sage and stir that through

  • Add a good glug (a glass? Half a glass?) of white wine - something dry and crisp like pecorino or pinot grigio

  • Use it to deglaze the pan and mix everything together. Add the chopped parsley and mix it all about

  • Let it all cook down over about 10 minutes

  • Meanwhile...

  • In a jug or bowl beat the two eggs, add the ricotta and grated cheese and mix it all into a paste

  • Boil some water and pop in the trofie - turn it down; no need to boil water at 100ºC for pasta

  • Do NOT drain the pasta!

  • About 1-2 minutes away from the cooking time on the pasta packet, spoon it into the pancetta mix. Use a slotted spoon so water drains away a bit, but you'll still get some going in

  • If it looks too dry, add a ladle of pasta water - and cook for a further minute or two

  • Remove from the heat and add the egg & cheese paste

  • Mix it through thoroughly and serve with some parmesan, pecorino or toasted breadcrumbs

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