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Poitrine de Poulet Farcie (Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breast)

It's very simple and extremely tasty, and good quality chicken will make it really lovely. Use whatever cheese or mustard your heart desires, but I find a little bit of salty blue cheese and a delicate mustard don't interfere too much with the taste of the chicken and the prosciutto.

A bit messy to prep, but simple to cook. Keep washing those hands, utensils and surfaces!



chicken fillet

Roquefort - I used St Augur. Gorgonzola would do nicely too, but probably dolce - too strong a cheese will overpower everything

Dijon mustard - or some German or wholegrain - not English; it's too strong

prosciutto - di Parma if you like, but any cured prosciutto would do nicely. Perhaps jamón? Or indeed - bacon! Bacon might be a bit odd as a texture, but if it's all you've got, give it a bash!


Watch the video


  • Preheat the oven to... yes, you guessed it - 180ºC

  • With a small, sharp knife, make a pocket in the chicken breast

  • Stuff the pocket with cheese* - you don't need a lot, and it doesn't have to be a large pocket; you just want a tangy, salty surprise.

  • Lay the fillets on a sheet of baking foil

  • a good tsp* of mustard on each - smear it in

  • Lay the prosciutto on the foil alongside the fillets - so you can see when you have enough slices to cover the fillet

  • Fold the prosciutto over the fillet to cover it - I like to lay a final slice on top, running lengthways

  • Fold up the tinfoil and roll the edges to make a seal - this is called "en papilotte" or "al cartoccio" if you're interested. In fact it's called that whether you're interested or not: your interest has no affect on the nomenclature of dishes. Live with that.

  • Pop it on a baking tray and it goes in the oven for 40 minutes - make it 50 if you're unsure.

* Chicken is a real pain for bugs, so here are a few tips:

  • Cut your cheese in advance, and leave the chunks on a plate or the cutting board; that way you're not putting your chickeny fingers back onto the block of cheese

  • Wash your hands after each stage. Wash them before you use the mustard, and plop the mustard from the teaspoon onto the chicken; don't let the teaspoon touch the chicken. If it does - use a clean teaspoon for the second fillet (if you're doing two fillets)

  • Wash the cutting board before putting the tinfoil on it - that way only the inside of the foil gets chicken on it.

  • Keep an eye on this stuff - wash everything with very hot water and soap - including your hands each time before you go to a cupboard or the fridge.

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