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A traditional Scottish recipe for using up leftovers

I'm sure everyone has their own recipe for stovies - even if they don't know it! Most countries have some dish for using up leftovers: Spanish Tortilla, Italian Arancini, Irish Colcannon, Klatkager, Pytt i Panna, Bubble and Squeak, etc, etc.

This is Stovies - a traditional Scottish dish. Heart-warming and tummy-filling. In this case I'm not using much in the way of leftovers - apart from some kale. Square sausage is another Scottish foible, but any sausage will do - good fat content is useful. If you're doing a vegan version - don't stint on oil. The important thing is to use no water - let the potatoes gradually disintegrate over time; you get some texture and some bits - not a smooth mash.



lots of potatoes


square sausage (or sausage meat scooped out of a sausage)

kale (in this case)

salt and pepper


Watch the video


  • Coarsely slice the onion

  • Cut the potatoes into good-sized chunks

  • Don't peel them: there is SO MUCH goodness in the skins (but do scrub them...)

  • Dice the sausage - or scoop out the sausage if you don't have an equivalent to the Scottish "square slice"

  • Pop the sausage into a pot on a medium heat

  • If you're going meat-free, just heat up some oil at this point

  • Once the sausage has released its fat (or the oil is heated up), add the onions

  • Stir.

  • Add everything else

  • Salt and a good bit of pepper

  • After an hour give it another stir and cover it again

  • Check it to make sure it's not sticking. Adjust the heat as necessary

  • Leave it for another hour or hour-and-a-half. If the potatoes have partially collapsed and you have a lumpy mess - you're done.

  • Serve with oatcakes. some folk like brown sauce - I'm partial to some hot sauce.

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