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Seroendeng - A Foodopolis Short

A quick recipe for a spicy Indonesian condiment

Seroendeng is an Indonesian condiment. Toasted peanuts, coconut and chilli, with crispy fried onions. Just the thing to sprinkle on a bowl of rice!




dried chillies

desiccated coconut (apologies for the misspelling of "desiccated" on the video!)

spring onion


Watch the video


  • Finely chop the spring onion

  • Fry in sesame oil until brown and crispy

  • Turn onto kitchen paper to drain

  • Toast the peanuts in a dry frying pan until they are starting to brown

  • Combine the peanuts, chillies and coconut in a spice grinder, processor or mortar

  • Grind, blitz, pestle till you have a texture like breadcrumbs: not chunks, nor powder

  • Add the crispy onions and mix through

  • Store in a jar or Tupperware (other containers are available)

  • Keep it dry and it'll keep in a cupboard for about 4-6 weeks

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