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Nutty Kale Soup

A tasty vegan delight

Who doesn't like a good soup? OK - apart from you, who doesn't like a good soup? This is a wholesome, tasty and unusual vegan treat. I've added courgette to it because I had some. Really, this works for any brassicas, and adding anything green will only enhance it - you want to keep it green because it's a beautifully vibrant dish.

Once it's blitzed, you can thicken it by adding potatoes or white beans and cooking them for 20-30 minutes, then blitzing again. I sprinkle cayenne on mine...




cavallo nero (any mix of leafy brassicas or greens would be good)

courgette (I had a half lying about - it's not vital, but it's a nice addition for flavour and body)


dry sherry

nuts - I like to mix almonds, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts, but you can use peanuts or whatever you like, although walnuts might be a bit overpowering

miso paste - or vegetable stock



spices (za'atar in this case, but paprika, turmeric, garam masala or sumac would work)

potatoes or white beans (optional)


Watch the video


  • Chop all the veg

  • Heat oil in a pot

  • Add the onion, courgette and leaves - if there is no space for all the leaves, add as many as you can

  • A splash of dry sherry

  • A splash of water

  • Cover and cook till the greens are wilted

  • If you needed more space, add the remaining leaves, cover and wilt

  • While that's wilting, heat a dry frying pan

  • Add the nuts

  • Add some salt, sage and za'atar

  • When they start to brown, give them a toss or a stir, and take them off the heat

  • Back to the veggies: add a good, heaped teaspoon of miso

  • Some salt and sage or thyme

  • Add the nuts

  • Stir it all about

  • Add enough water to thoroughly cover everything

  • If you're using vegetable stock instead of miso, use the stock instead of plain water, and miss out the salt above

  • Cook it for about 40mins to 1 hour

  • Blitz - the nuts initially give it a gritty texture; the longer you blitz, the smoother the soup

  • It can take quite a while to get it really smooth

  • If you want a thicker soup, add some diced potatoes or a tin of white beans, cook for about 20 minutes

  • Blitz thoroughly

  • Sprinkle with cayenne to serve

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