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Mushroom Fusilli With Three Cheese Sauce

Creamy, unctuous, comforting and tasty!

Serves 5-6

Costs £6.00-£6.50 depending on what you use

This isn't the cheapest dish on the site, but at about £1 per person, it's not too bad!

It's quite simple to make, and rewards you with a dish that is comforting, creamy and tastes like it cost a lot more than you spent!



1 onion - 10p

150g mushrooms - 45p

1/2 tub of Ricotta - 65p

tub of blue cheese - £2.50

90g Grana Padano cheese - 90p

glug of white wine - if you have it - 20p

fusilli - 85p

parsley - 40p


Watch the video


  • Top, peel and finely chop the onion

  • Slice the mushrooms to about a coin's thickness (modern pound coin, not a doubloon)

  • Finely chop the parsley

  • Grate the padano (or parmesan if you're going that way)

  • Grate nutmeg - or use grated nutmeg

  • Pop it in a jug and add the ricotta and blue cheese

  • Mix it around to a paste

  • Heat up olive oil and a good lump of butter in a pan

  • Add some pepper

  • Add the onions and cook till soft - 10mins

  • Add the mushrooms and a glug of white wine

  • Cook down for 10 minutes

  • Bring salted water to the boil

  • Pop in the fusilli and cook (at 80ºC) for the required time

  • Meanwhile, add parsley to the mushrooms

  • Add a couple of ladles of pasta water and stir through

  • Cook this down while the pasta cooks

  • Drain the pasta and return it to the pot - we're not putting this in the frying pan due to the physics of volume...

  • Add the mushroom mix and stir through

  • Add the cheese mix and stir through till everything is coated in creamy goodness

  • Boom

  • If you fancy it, top with fried breadcrumbs

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