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Lazy Chicken Lunch - a Foodopolis Short

Simple. Healthy. Lazy.

This needs little or no prep. It's a simple dish - although it's not super fast to cook: it will take 40 minutes or so - if you're keen on avoiding salmonella (recommended).

However, it's so easy to prep, and you could always pop it in the pan in the morning and pop it in the oven when you get back.

The ingredients are changeable, so do what takes your fancy - but it's a simple and delightful way to cook, if - like me - you're a lazy git.



chicken breast

tenderstem broccoli


chipotle sauce

lemon juice

olive oil




Watch the video


  • Preheat the oven to 180ºC

  • Pop the chicken breast in the pan

  • Smear it with chipotle sauce - you could, of course, smear it with anything you fancy

  • Wash your hands and put whatever your smearing tool of choice was into the sink/dishwasher/whatever

  • Lay the broccoli along one side of the pan

  • Lay the mushrooms along the other side

  • Lemon juice over the chicken

  • Salt and pepper over the mushrooms and broccoli

  • A drizzle of olive oil over the mushrooms and broccoli

  • Lid on - if your lid isn't a tight fit, pop some tinfoil over the pan, then put the lid on

  • 40 minutes in the oven

  • Wear gloves taking the pan out - it's not a good thing to grab a metal handle at 180º

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