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Chicken Fried Rice

It's not authentic, but it's very tasty!

The only way this is in the slightest bit authentic, is in adding the egg before the rice! It's a handy recipe as it offers substitutions for things you might not have: dry sherry for huangjiu (rice wine); ham or bacon for lap cheong (Chinese sausage) - or just using water if necessary. That being said, it tastes great and is less saturated than many takeaways. Healthy and tasty - that's what we like.



chicken breast

sesame oil

rice wine - or dry sherry

soy sauce

Chinese five spice

garlic powder or granules



bacon or ham (or lap cheong Chinese sausage)

spring onions

an egg or two - depends on how much rice you're using

boiled rice - cold


Watch the video


  • Slice the chicken into thin strips or chunks - whichever you prefer

  • In a jug or a bowl, mix sesame oil, soy, rice wine, garlic powder and five spice

  • If you have neither rice wine nor dry sherry - either add a sweet, dessert wine, or white wine and a teaspoon of brown sugar

  • When it's all thoroughly mixed, add a teaspoon of cornflour and mix it madly till there are no lumps and the marinade has thickened - just a tiny bit; it won't be a gloop

  • Add the chicken and coat thoroughly - leave for an hour or two. Or longer

  • Top and tail your spring onions and clean them - usually just peeling the outer layer does the trick - chop them finely

  • Finely chop the mushrooms and the ham or bacon

  • Heat vegetable oil in a hot wok

  • Add the chicken and stir like crazy. The marinade will start to stick and char, to stop it burning, add liquid. Water will do - I use water to clean out the marinade. It's also good to use some dry sherry or rice wine, or white wine. I used white wine, sherry and water during this

  • Add liquid at intervals so your don't drown the dish, but add each time it starts to threaten to burn. You want a thick sauce after about 15 minutes - when the chicken will be cooked. If it's too thin by then, turn the heat down and let it reduce

  • Tip the chicken into a container and clean the wok

  • Heat more oil and add the mushrooms, bacon and onions

  • Stir them around until they are cooked

  • Add an egg or two and stir them until they are scrambled, mixed through everything, and dry. If you add the rice too soon, or add the egg to the rice (heaven forbid!) you get a mushy mess

  • When the egg is throughly scrambled, mixed through and dry, add a little oil and stir it through

  • Add the cold, cooked rice and mix it through

  • Add some rice wine and soy. You don't have to, but I like the taste and colour they give. You could - if you were feeling crazy - add some five spice at this point but I reckon it might be too much

  • Add the chicken and stir it through for a few minutes

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1 Comment

Sep 04, 2020

I loved this recipe. Simple and extremely tasty. I had it as a starter and a main!

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