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Beetroot, Ginger & Pear Salad

Beetroot, ginger, pear and carrot - the best of friends!

This is a refreshing, spicy and zingy salad. A little bit different, but quick to make and so very tasty. The recipe uses shop-bought pickled beetroot; if you want it fresh, just roast the beetroot in oil & salt: 180ºC for 35 minutes.






pickled beetroot

apple cider vinegar

olive oil

salt & pepper


sunflower seeds


Watch the video


  • Scrub, top and tail the carrots, then grate them

  • Peel the ginger with a teaspoon, and grate it

  • If you want to keep ginger fresh, just freeze it; you can peel it straight from the freezer. If you peel it before freezing, it can get very mushy when it defrosts

  • Slice the pear into strips, then dice

  • Dice the beetroot to a similar size as the pear

  • Toss it all together in a bowl

  • Add a splash or two of cider vinegar

  • Add twice as much olive oil as vinegar

  • Salt and pepper

  • Cinnamon

  • Toss all that together

  • Add a goodly sprinkling of sunflower seeds and toss them through

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