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Béchamel Sauce - a Foodopolis Short

Rich, creamy, easy!

Béchamel sauce is the basic white sauce that you can transform into a luscious cheese sauce; Mornay sauce; Parsley sauce and many others. Not to mention it's used in some lasagne, in moussaka and a host of dishes.

The classic, French method is to make the roux and add the milk slowly, slowly and beware of it splitting.

This is the Italian way - add the roux to the milk. This. is. So. Simple!



1 litre milk*

100g butter

100g flour



salt (if you want)

Basically, however much you need , the butter (or oil) is 10% of the milk; the flour is equal to the butter


Watch the video


  • Heat the milk in a pan

  • Be gentle! It shouldn't boil

  • When it's very warm, add a good load of nutmeg and pepper

  • Whisk it through

  • In another pot, far, far away...

  • Melt the butter

  • Add the flour

  • Whisk like buggery

  • You want to incorporate all the flour into the butter, if to, it spoils the taste

  • Whisk till you get gloopy wallpaper paste

  • Chefs don't call it "gloopy wallpaper paste" - they call it a "roux"

  • Spoon the roux into the milk

  • Whisk - it might take a minute or two

  • If it's too thick, heat up milk in a pan and add it a little at a time

  • If it's too thin, make a little more roux and add that

  • But remember - it can take up to 5 minutes to thicken, so don't go mad with making more roux after 30 seconds!

  • It will freeze (best in smaller containers), or keep in tupperware in the fridge for about three days

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